"You pay for advertising, you pray for PR"

Looking for cost effective ways to bring in new customers, keep existing customers, bring more traffic to your website, and increase sales?  Consider implementing a public relations program. Studies show that positive editorial coverage generates up to nine times more visibility than paid advertising.

Public relations can help your target audience to understand not only your company’s background and mission, but also increase awareness for products or services that are offered.  Public relations can have a far greater impact than other marketing methods because it carries an implied third party endorsement.  Reading, seeing or hearing editorial coverage creates a credibility factor unmatched by any other promotional strategy at considerable less cost. 

  Here are a few ways an ongoing public relations campaign can benefit organizations:

·       Public relations can build an organization's profile with its target audience creating an advantage over the competition.

·       Regular media exposure can build credibility and enhance reputations. There is a subtle but real perception companies covered in the print, broadcast or online media must be important.

·       Public relations can increase sales, positively affecting an organization’s bottom line.

·       Looking for investors? Media coverage can provide easier access to capital. The more visible a company is the more interest there is in that company.

·       Public relations can position executives as industry experts. When executives are quoted by the media, potential customers associate the company as an industry leader, further helping to build its reputation and credibility.

·       A public relations program can increase search engine visibility.

·       Media coverage results in more coverage.  Members of the press compete for stories and the more visible a company is the more media it will attract.

Public relations is becoming critical in today’s competitive marketplace and a public relations agency can help business of all sizes from start-ups to large corporations achieve their goals.

Why is a Public Relations Strategy Good for you?

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